“What a magnificent facility you gave us!  It speaks so eloquently of your sense of design and your respect for the needs of schools. It seems to me that your relationship with Menlo is both exceptionally productive and unusual.  Schools should learn from our experience! ”
Norm Colb, Head, Menlo School

“You approached the problem with an open mind and a probing methodology.  You and Tim delved into what I thought were the most important issues, and you were extraordinarily thorough about your explorations. Your vision, attention to detail and approach with Kaiser were invaluable.”
Josh Smith, owner, Walden Development

“Your presentation got much kudos, and I certainly don't disagree with that in any way.  I must admit I kind of expected that you would solve all the problems and come up with something exciting and compatible -- even symbolic.”
Paul Sedway, Trustee, Congregation Sherith Israel

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the work on the video and the patience that you and Tim exhibited with the meeting this morning.  (This is a very hands-on group as you well know.)  We all were floored by both the conceptual understanding and the quality of the work that you did on the video - it's so exciting, and really powerful.  And it’s been fun working with you both.”
Nancy Drapin, Executive Director, Congregation Sherith Israel

“The personal involvement we get from you and Tim during construction is hugely important to keep a project moving.  When we have a question, we get quick feedback; you’re always ready to bounce ideas and solve problems; we don’t get that from every architect, and it makes my life a lot easier. I would welcome an opportunity to work with you again.”
Tim Ryan, Project Manager, Vance Brown Builders

“I can't begin to thank you for all that you have done to move this project forward.  You and your expertise have been a gift to us.  I am most grateful to you for all manners of wisdom provided.”
Sister Claire Barone, Head, Santa Catalina School

“We received unanimous support for our CAC from the Town Council.  Kevin did a wonderful job, using the model as well as large posters of the two different designs.  There were only a few questions, and we were able to answer all to their satisfaction.” 
Larry Frye, Trustee and Buildings & Grounds Committee Chair, Menlo School

“Thanks so much for helping me figure out what I wanted to do. It's only through the work I did with you that I was able to make a decision. You and your team were great!!!”
Carolyn Spitz, Board President, Lick-Wilmerding High School

“I really appreciate your high level of professionalism and your understanding of the culture of Riordan. You developed plans that express the identity, the mission, the values of our School; you understand the parameters, financial and otherwise; and you are really easy to work with.”
Bruce Thompson, Riordan High School Advisor